Michelle Delgado-Meese was born in the Philippines and moved to the states with her family when she was just five years old. Eventually making their way to Texas, Michelle and her family rooted down in Sugar Land when she was about ten years old.

She was in the first graduating class of Clements High School. She went on to marry her high school sweetheart and had two children. While building her dream home, she stumbled upon faux paint at her aunt’s home and just had to learn more. After finding an ad in the newspaper for a four day faux painting workshop, Michelle jumped on the opportunity. It was there that she heard the words she needed to hear to build belief in herself and her future business.

“I’ll never forget what I learned from my instructor that day,” Michelle says. “He told us that after our class, we would have a different perspective. He was teaching us to let go and let our creative side in.”

Letting go and letting her creative side in is exactly what Michelle has embraced within herself, and it is what she teaches at Wonderfaux Home.

She finds daily gratification through her customers, engaging their quizzical minds and being a sounding board for anyone that walks in the door.

“I hope everyone that walks through the door finds inspiration from just walking into the store,” she says. “Even if someone doesn’t buy anything, I love knowing that they can take inspiration and maybe I can help them with the path they are on.”

Michelle Delgad0-Meese
“He was teaching us to let go and let our creative side in.”– Michelle Delgado-Meese